After completing a 12 to 36-month Residency

  1. Resident continues in volunteer leadership role;
  2. Resident moves to location as staff Worship Leader;
  3. Resident becomes one of the Worship Leaders at Chula Vista location;
  4. Resident moves to a Partner Church; or
  5. Resident moves into a Pastoral Residency.


  1. Non-Funded: Resident has part-time or full-time job and volunteers in the Residency. Contributes 15-20 hours per week to the Residency.
  2. Self-Funded: Resident raises financial support and has outside funding. May have a part-time job in addition to self-funding. Contributes 15-20 hours per week to the Residency or full-time hours (40-50 hours) depending on self-funding.
  3. ELN Partially Funded: 20-29 hours per week (Must be enrolled in schooling).